8 Plastics Operations to Automate Right Now

Looking to automate manufacturing tasks and solve your labor shortages?

Learn how pre-trained robots are helping plastics manufacturers raise productivity and lower costs.


Automation is a proven way to gain some breathing room and add flexibility to production lines.

See how pre-trained cobots can manage tasks like hot stamping, gate clipping, pad printing, machine tending and more.  




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Automation Built for Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers

Our cobots can be trained on multiple tasks and easily moved between jobs without retraining. Plus, Rapid's tablet-based app makes the RMO simple to operate, no programming or robotics expertise required.

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What our customers say

"I’ve been on an automation mission for years. Recruiting operators has been next to impossible. It only got harder once the pandemic hit."

"With integrators, we’ve experienced all kinds of design delays and miscalculations. We literally just received a piece of equipment [from an integrator] that has been in the works for two and a half years... With the RMO, there was none of that hassle."

"With RMOs, we can take on more projects, compete better on cost, quickly ramp production and stabilize our output while putting existing employees on higher-value tasks."